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Guess who called??


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Sierra Subaru just called me (about 6:40pm)....reminding me that my 15,000 mile serivce is due.....


I'm pissed cuz;

1. I was napping :icon_mad: ....my eyes get tired from replyin on this forum :lol:

2. I don't need them to call me during dinner time to tell me to blow $$ at their place

3. I was going to tell them, "But Suby Specialties did it already..." :icon_twis


First time any dealer/service called to remind me about service....ahead of the game, or service dept is borked? :lol:

In Taiwan now...:spin:
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its because all the dealerships are trying to meat CSI right now since most dealerships CSI has been down most of the winter. march and april are the first big pushes by service departments to bring in more customers and to improve the rating of the dealership.

higher CSI means more money for the dealership from the Manufacturer, and it also means more money for the employee's (mainly Service writers, and Service managers) since they recieve a % of the gross profit. and often times get a bonus if they get 100% in CSI reviews.

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