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Anyone Know if 06 GPS works in an 05 5speed


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From what I've been told the '05s have a different wiring harness than the '06 models which prevent the retro fit from even being possible.

The passenger air bag indicator is in the trip meter in the '05s on the '06s this has been relocated to the overhead controls.

If you wanted to attempt it, I belive all the parts would total to around $2300

Check out this thread...


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Most dealerships insist that it can not be retro-fitted and that SOA has told them not to retrofit an '05 with it.


Less time I checked was September '05.






I don't blame SOA. Think many dealerships would be capable of doing the retrofit without screwing something up? ;)


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From Subaru Parts.com:

81302AG05A Inst Pnl Harn Usa $233.81

86201AG66A Radio Assy Up3 $681.33

86281AG04A Display Ay / Contact $936.07

66060AG07A Panel Ay Ctr Mosia $71.81

86271AG04A Navi Ay / Contact Ke $950.51

86274AG000 Bracket Navig Unit $7.00

86273AG00A Cord Assy $68.73

86277AG12A Gps Assy $72.95

91502XA00A Label $1.66

045005143 Tapping Screw $0.69

Subtotal: $3,024.54




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