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Katherine Legge vs. Danica Patrick


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Man, I would love to see a race between the two. I bet Katherine would open up a can of whoop ass on Danica.


2006 should be an interesting year. Katherine will be racing in Champ Cars instead of the Atlantic Series. Hopefully she won't get too many black flags for aggressive driving.:lol:

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Now I am not opposed to the lube wrestling in any way but what I propose, is a compromise:


now how about a race in white suites; followed buy the champagne/podium ceremony!? OK..and then the lube wrestling.

Seriously that would be a fun race to watch, though I bet Danica gets spanked too: make it happen!

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My guess would be some pictures??
I warn you Legge isnt that purdy...




















































































































* edited for the squeamish *

JDM'd All to hell


Thanks Jimmy @ Hkc-Speed.com!

RIP Coxx & Thanks

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Neither of them look that good during race weekends. But they sure clean up well especially with a little airbrushing. Could be worse, remember Sarah Fischer.


At least Katherine has won races in Toyota Atlantic unlike Danica. She also did a F1 test few months ago.

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Lynn St. James was mediocre.


I saw Katherine win the Toyota Atlantic race last year at Long Beach - very impressive. I saw Danica take third at Cleveland two years ago in Toyota Atlantic. Very impressive. Just like Indy last year, no one cared about who was on the number one or two pedastal, just Danica in third - but i was in that group, too!


I think Katherine might have a "Legge" up on Danica, though. She is very aggressive! Danica has been doing well on the ovals, but road curcuits test drivers much more so than ovals, which is why I prefer Champ Car and F1 over Nascar and IRL - but here comes IRL with their road races... Don't get me started about Tony George!


My two cents...

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Giovanna Amati


Lella Lombardi



And now to more serious shit...


Cora Schumacher - former model with plenmty naked pics, wife to racer Ralf Schumacher, mostest bangable, Mini Racer though I think she gave up after Ralf's 2004 crashg at Indy





I have an entire collection of Cora Schumacher pictures not suitable for this website. I just find her an ultimate fantasy !



Enough...Do searches on your own !

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