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What's your favorite Mod you've done to YOUR Legacy?

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I was thinking about this earlier today. I've had the car for a year now. I've had a good amount of fun so far with mods here and there. So I was thinking about what my favorite was.


The easy answer would be the AP, but really the extra power doesn't change the car enough to make that my "final answer."


I love the VDC/Spec.B headunit I swapped last year, but again, not enough of a change to win.


I think the hands down winner is the Spec.B steering wheel with Radio controls.


It was something I wasn't sure about at first, and I thought maybe I'd wasted $300 on something that was more bling than anything else. But after a week of having the wheel/controls, I absolutely loved it. Now I can't imagine having the car without the controls.


Second place would be the Blacked out headlights, because they just look so much better than stock IMO.


Looking forward to hearing what others cite as their favorites! :D

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Autometer Electronic Boost gauge with a built-in bright red LED that lights at 10 psi boost and also peak boost memory. Very entertaining and fun to see how long you can keep the LED lit!


Every car that comes from the factory with a turbo should have a boost gauge--it's almost criminal that Subaru leaves it off.

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I'm a weekend shade(y)-tree greasemonkey...my profession requires that I be "clean" just about all the time, so whenever I can get down-and-dirty, I just love to do it.


As such, I tend to rate my enjoyment of a certain mod in terms of how dirty I've gotten. :lol:


All-in-all, I've gotta say, I think I enjoyed doing my UP the most. Spent most of a day doing it, in a relaxed and fun manner, with a good buddy and fellow Scooby enthusiast. Good times.



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