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Polishing Compound

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Hey guys I have a question for the folks here.


I recently bought a polishing cmpound for the Legacy, looking to get some little scratches out of the paint. However, it seems as though the compound I got was too abrasive and gave a bunch of little swirl marks.


What should I do? Would a finer grit polishing compound get that out or what does everyone recommend?


Also is there a preferred polishing compound for the boards?



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i deal with paint burn by just re-polishing. use theporter cable witha good cutting pad (orange works great) and poorboy's SSR 2.5 if u have a black/red/blue car or 2.0 for anything else. when buffing the residue off, don't rub in circles with the microfiber cloth, just go back and forth, don't rub in.


OCD, look what u did to me

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