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should i buy - DIGITAL Tire PSI gauge


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I would opt for no. It'll spend most of your time in your glove box anyway. When you do pull it out to use it, it won't work because the batteries are dead. Why worry, just get a good old standard one.




Well that'll be on your keychain... but why worry about keeping the batteries in it fresh and good.

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Subaru makes one digital as well...


I got it as freebie when I purchased my all weather mats, worthy? Hmmm not sure, but I use it a lot...


I guess if they are cheap won't hurt your pockets heheheeh


Flavio Zanetti

Boston, MA

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I have an Accutire guage but it's a bigger model and accurate to +/- 0.5 PSI





I used to have one of these. Michelin Tire guage:




But I didn't like it and returned it... Felt very cheap and would give wrong readings.


I've been happy with my Accutire guage and check my tire pressure every gas fillup with the weather changing so often now that it is spring. Although the sucky RE92s require constant tire pressure monitoring. Got brand new Michelin Pilots and they have been fine so far...

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