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Should i do it?


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and for the harness... he said " oh no just break down the stock connector in your car and take the male connectors and insert them into the female end of the lexus one....dud its so simple took us like 3 hours..only because you have to realign the projector up because theres a plate between it and the bulb housin...hold on ill send you a pick of the housing and you can look at yours and see how identical they are"
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for free? its probally stolen from an rx330...




Just kidding


nah, he works for lexus and apparently there's a recall for the headlamp housing or something, so for everyone he does, he saves the bulb and ecu instead of throwing them away.. he changed his price from free to 100 lol.. the only thing stopping me is the drive up to NY.. at least 3 hours long

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The stock system was not designed to have 20-30 amp draw during xenon startup. retro parts are almost always used and most involved in an front end accident. it just takes one defective thing to mess things up. most people will not have a problem, but it will suck for the one who does. spending $50 and isolating the system from your factory wiring is cheap insurance. i would rather do an up/dp install on 6 legacies then have to repair or replace any oem wiring, relays, switches, etc. if you fry anything under the dash good luck with that one. you will also loose DRL function if you dont create a harness. i personally like DRL that way i can run just my headlamps without all the other lights. do what you want. the ignitors don't say high voltage for nothing. xenon ballasts are not toys. i dont think people realize what is actually going on in there. if they decide to go nuts for whatever reason you can bet there will be some damage. thats why it makes sense to isolate them.


cliff notes:

most will never have a problem not using a new harness, sucks for the one who does, its cheap insurance






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