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Which GT parts can fit on a 2.5i?

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hey, i'm kinda new to legacy, but not new to the automotive industry . i'm picking up a base legacy 2.5i this thursday and i wanted to know what options i have.

i think its a waste of money to upgrade anything for speed and power, so i'm going to focus all my attention on handling.

i know theres a bunch of stuff available : springs, shocks, sways, struts .. but my question is, this is a GT site .. so i'm guessing its mostly catered towards the GT .. will they fit on the 2.5i models as well? i'm particular looking at the custco sways and pinks (they're probably the best upgrades for aftermarket handling). i read somewhere a strut bar didn't do too much either.


anyone have any setups they'd like to share?


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