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2000 Outback install


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Hey all-


1st. I promise I searched but just can't find any info on a 2000 Outback.


I just need to know a couple of things...


1. I need to get the dash off because I want to install an LOC from the front speaker outputs. How do I get this off?

2. Where can I find a wire diagram for my car?


The rest is pretty much done, just need to install the LOC and get a tap from the remote wire too.


I've attached a picture of my dash.




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The dash comes off farily easily. I don't have pics from when I had the baja, but it goes like this:


- pry the trim piece from around the shifter out (pups up then toward the back)

- take out the ash tray

- un screw the 2 (bleaping) screws with a 90 degree philips head driver

- the trim around the HVAC/HU will pop off from the bottom up

- remove screws (2 or 4 don't remember) to remove the HVAC/HU from the car (the HVAC cables are short)

- remove the screws from the HVAC on the bracket

- pull out the HU more and disconnect cables


Now you have the HU in hand.


Hope this helps.

Ben (2014 Outback SAP w/ eyesite, 2014 Tribeca Limited, 2006 LGT limited sedan)

Subaru Ambassador PNW


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Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I think that makes sense. I'd gotten the shifter piece off but wasn't sure where to go from there..


I guess I should ask too, is there an easier way to tap into the speaker wires and remote wire without taking the deck out?


I know I could probably get the remote from the Subaru subwoofer harness that's under the seat (where I put my amp conveniently) but I can't use the speaker wires from that because I want stereo feeding my amp...


Any ideas?

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