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Harman Kardon Drive+Play Install


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well i finished my drive+play install....










the goal of this install was to NOT modify any of the panels on the car (i.e. no holes were drilled and no plastic pieces were cut.


i also decided i didnt want to conceal the display since my ipod is always on in the car and i thought it would look cleaner to not have the door.


i didnt document the install process as i used obxt's thread http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21252 and others already on the forum as a guide, but here is an overview:


1) i ran the power and switched power from the fusebox using add-a-circuits.

2) the audio is run through the stereo using jazzy's aux-in mod (thanks jazzy).

3) the drive+play brain is located just under the stereo to the right.

4) the screen is mounted in the cubby, i removed the door and it fit perfectly. i used double sided foam tape to secure it and then cut, sanded, primered and painted the face plate (the face plate came out ok, it could be better).

5) the ipod i sitting in the glovebox.


all in all i am pretty happy with the install and i love the functionality of the drive+play. on my old tsx i was using a dension ice-link which allowed my to control the ipod from the stereo, but i actually like this better since i have a dedicated display and a cleaner look.

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i was looking at this the other day. My thought was to mount the display into the door, instead of removing it. I like the storage for my sunglasses. I think it would be possible.


Is the backlight blue? That's what it look like on HK pictures. Just saw that this also charges as well.


Sweet Install there! Enjoy safer driving, Here in NY we can't use cell phones while driving, but iPods aplenty will be big brother's next target.

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^ i though about doing that, it would look pretty cool (but like i said i didnt want to cut any plastic on the car). i think you could do it by removing the the piece of plastic that acts as the top the cubby.


i would love to see it done...then i could use it as my next project :)

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That looks great. Very clean install, nice work! What did you paint the faceplate with? It looks like a pretty good match for the interior - is it?
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