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Potential LGT owner...

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im looking to get a car within a month or so and i was looking at 2 cars.


an 06 lgt w/ manual


or a 06 saab 92xaero.


but im shooting for the lgt right now and see what kind of deals i can get on it.


what are some of the rebates tahts going on?


i live in southern california and if anyones from around here, how much am i looking forward to paying?



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Hi Min, go for the LGT 5MT. The ride is very nice. The Saab is based on the Imprezza I think so it won't be as roomy. Incentives from Subaru are $1000.00 cash incentive till end of 3/31.After that wheel and deal. Get the right financing and enjoy. Good luck to you. I love my 06 LGT. Best wheels I have ever bought.

For your car audio/video needs:D

Audio Crafters IS it.

In Pasadena Ca. Arthur rules.


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^ but he could get a leftover 05 for barely more .........


not a limited with Cobb AP, already lowered, tint, blacked out headlights, custom grill, 18" wheels, STI front lip.


also the depreciation on the left over 05 has already started to take its toll even though it would have no miles because it is still aging.

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