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Technafit Brake Lines


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I hope that someone who has done this chimes in because I am in exactly the same situation. If the fitment issues are resolved then I'll be ordering a set next week.

I'd like to upgrade the brake pads at the same time but, if I'm reading the threads correctly, there aren't any higher performance rear pads available as yet for the Ob XT. Is that correct? If so, is there a problem with installing Carbotech Bobcats on the front brakes and leaving the rear stock or should I wait for a complete set? These will be strictly for everyday use.

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I have had mine in for more than a month and no problems here. my mechanic told me they were a very nice set. I also installed the Bobcat Pads and Motul fluid. This was a much improved upgrade considering I had brake issues from day1. I don't think changing the fronts alone is a problem but I am no mechanic.

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