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New wires into doors


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I am upgrading my system and planning on running new wires into each door through the factory body to door gromet. Has anyone done this? And how much of a pain was it.

I am putting diamond componet m6's up front and coaxils in the back. I need to run 2 wires each up front so I can use the crossover that comes with these speakers.

Any advise in pulling this off will be great. Thanks

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I just finished doing this tonight. Took me a while to figure out how to do it. I unclipped the entire wiring harness from the door, removed the boot from the door, and removed the entire harness + grommet from the door. Undo the boot at the body of the car and you have a straight shot. Little WD-40 and you're done.


The front door boots have a plastic fixture at the body side. Once you remove the boot, you can't put it back on without unclipping the plastic fixture. Just rotate the fixture till you see the slot and push a little screw driver in there to release it.


On the fronts, it's also easier if you unbolt the door stop from the body side.

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