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Thinking about buying a used LGT, couple of questions...


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Hey guys, I have been lurking for sometime and reading and serching on the forum to learn more about these cars. I will be in the market for a newer car once I finish my tour in Korea in about 5 monthes. I have looked at numerous cars and weighed the options and right now the LGT is the favorite. I have looked at and driven so far a 2005 Maxima, which was a very nice car, but it is a tad outta my budget. I also drove a 2005 Grand Prix GTP Comp-G, again it was a nice car, but me and my wife agreed that we didn't "love" it and couldn't help but feel that the interior was a little cheap feeling, and the power was kinda disapointing. Other cars I have researched but not driven were: Audi A4, reliability problems scared me off, Volvo S60, nice but interior looks bland and boring, BMW 3-series, would have to buy a older model to afford it though.


What I like about the LGT is, 1. Price isn't that bad even for a brand new LGT Limited (I read some are paying close to $22k-24k for a new one?) and hopefully the used market will drop slightly in the coming monthes and the price for a decent mileage LGT Limited will be within my budget (which is below $20k but lower the price the better). 2. AWD with a strong engine, cant beat that! Having a 90 AWD Talon at one point it was a blast to drive and I am sure that the LGT won't disapoint either. 3. Gas mileage isn't that bad. Although using premium is a drawback its just the price you pay. 4. From what I have seen the interior is nice, probably not as nice as some other cars I listed but it isnt bad, and heated seats + dual climate FTW!


Some problems though, this car will not always be driven by me, so I have to convince the wife since she will also be driving the car. Things she doesn't like is I want to get a 5MT, she doesn't know how to drive one and is afraid to learn for fear of burning up the clutch. How easy is the manual to drive as far as clutch stiffness and sensitivity? I would settle for an auto if I had too, but I just think I will enjoy the car that much more if I had a 5MT. Another is it being a turbo powered car, she assumes turbo= excessive maintenance, this is partly my fault, the Talon I had I was anal about maintenance because of their "history" I never had problems with it though because I kept on the maintenance. I also have a 87 Buick Grand National, which I keep the maintenance up more so than probably needed, but its my baby and I love working on it. How tempermental are these cars? I know regular maintenance is a given with any car, but is there anything special needed? Or can you just change the oil and go?


Sorry for the long post, just wanted to ask some questions and get some info so I know more about what I am getting into. Hopefully come July I will be driving a black/black LGT Limited and bebable to convince the wife into a 5MT!

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I was looking at a used 02 or 03 Maxima with a 6 speed but could not find one in my area and for another couple grand I moved in to a new LGT. Also drove the Mazda 6. It handled better than the LGT but it did not have enough power.


I think you should teach your wife to drive a stick. :) The car should still be under warranty and if the clutch goes it should be covered. Subaru may say it's "normal" wear and tear for a clutch to go. A little bit of a risk there but in my opinion NO clutch should go in less than 36,000 miles. Driving a stick again is a total blast! :icon_bigg


You mentioned a Gran Prix GTP. I just plain have a problem with using an American car for every day use. They just are not dependable in my opinion. I have has 2 mazdas and 3 nissans all of which were fun and dependable. This is my first Subaru and I love it!:icon_mrgr


I am a gear head and have had 4 Grand Nationals and 2 T types. I currently have a designer series (black and gray) T Type. I have had the motor redone (short block) and added alot of performance upgrades myself. Car doesn't handle that well and doesn't stop well for the amount of power it has but it absolutely flys in a straight line! :icon_eek: I've gone 11.27 @ 118 in the quarter with a really bad 60 foot (1.7) on drag radials. There is a 10 in it and that is all I want.


As far as maintenance goes, I don't see a problem with it on the LGT. I have had turbo charged cars all my life (RX7 Turbo, MX6 Turbo, Turbo Buicks) and never had a problem. Change the oil every 3,000 miles and keep and eye on all your fluids and it should run for a long time.


I have had my LGT limited since November and really like it. It has good power, handles well and has all the creature comforts I need.


Have some pictures of my t-type and my LGT on my website:




Welcome to the board and good luck! Let me know if I can help you in your search for a LGT.

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1) Maintenance: Subie has been doing the AWD and turbo thing for years. Generally very reliable. I don't think the turbo adds any real mx compared to a normally aspirated car. You might have to replace a turbo in the upper mileage range (100k+ miles) but I don't have experience with that and will let others comment (e.g. will the turbo charger itself last 100k, 150k? Probably depends how you drive it.)


2) Manual vs Auto: Manual clutch is fairly easy to press in (in my opinion...and I own a Honda Accord manual too). There is a fairly widespread problem of "stinky clutch" which is the worst when you're "slipping" the clutch--that may be more frequent for a new driver. Overall, I think the whole car is "light and nimble". Now, if you want to go auto, I think the LGT auto is great and is still quite fast (I've driven the auto a couple of times though I own a MT). So...if you get manual, it is certainly not a hard clutch (though it can be "stinky")...and if you go auto, it's a nice auto. I'd consider where you'll drive the car too. If it's a lot of stop and go, you're wife might prefer the auto, even if she learns stick. I'm very partial to MT myself so it's hard to be "non-bias".


Hope this helps a little.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I know turbo cars don't require extreme maintenance, but being a mechanic I have a habit of overmaintaining my cars, especially since I tend to drive my "race" cars a little harder than my daily drivers. I haven't gotten her convinced of a manual yet but I am still working on it. I am pretty set on the LGT but things are subject to change I have 5 monthes to make a desision anyway, but being in Korea at the moment makes it harder since I cannot test drive the car. I will keep an eye on the market and the website to absorb as much in as possible though. Now if I can only convince her to let me mod it as well!


Turboman38, saw the website, that is a great looking T you got. I love my GN and looking forward to mod the crap out of it when I get back. Right now I am in the middle of getting it ready for 11's, I have added a 214/204 cam, 50# MSD injectors, TE44, TurboTweak Chip, and the rest of the usual mods (fuel pump and hotwire kit, maf pipe, RC fans, ect). I am going to add a THDP, FTS 2 3/4" dual exhaust, Razor Alky, and suspension upgrades. Whats all done to yours?

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My T has the following:


TE60 turbo

50 lb injectors

Champion head and intake

Terry Houston 3 inch downpipe with 2 1/2 hooker exhaust.

CAS stock location v4 intercooler

206/206 cam

LS1 3 1/2 MAF with translator box and extender chip

Tranny has been redone

Rear has 3.73 in it (bought it that way)

adjustable fuel pressure regulator

307 Walbro fuel pump with a hotwire kit


Just redid the entire front suspension last winter along with the the heads and intake. Was running alky but burned the pump up so I have a brand new progressive SMC kit in the garage I have to install. I still have some tuning to do. I've only had it at the track three times. Still learning how to tune it and launch it.


You should be in the 11s with your mods.

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