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Why are there so few Legacy GT limiteds at Long Island dealers ??

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I've been making some inquiries for a Legacy GT Ltd and dealers that had 8 or more of them last year have very few this year. For some dealers don't seem to have many in stock at all ....


I have found very few manual's though there are a few spec b's around though I am finding it hard to talk myself into the color combo of the spec b


Some dealers I spoke to like Hassett Subaru said they have no GT Ltds in stock and the saleswoman didn't even know when they are getting one in stock soon ...


Are 2007's being introduced soon or something ??

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FYI 06' models will CEASE production in March, so don't get your hopes up of a dealer receiving an inventory anytime soon. You're best off placing an order for one to ensure getting an 06'.


I see the same problem w/several dealers in the 5 boros as well. They all say the NA version are better sellers than the GT.

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