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You can get an Ipod adaptor for the Legacy in Japan.


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If you're talking about the accessory catalog it's in java. Which I was wondering why it iddn't show up cause I already have the Flash player.


They don't have there here cause people are afraid of gadgets and considering the fact that most still don't know how to set the time on the VCR why would they bother.


If you check their car accessories and dress up catalog thsoe STi Genome wheels are horrible. That Subaru screams Mustang.

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This is the link I meant: http://accessory.subaru.co.jp/legacy/3d/flash.html


As for people being afraid of gadgets here, are you serious? The iPod was first sold here by an American company, digital cameras and game consoles are flying off the shelves and plenty of people own Treos. Maybe people over 50 are afraid of gadgets but that's about it. I don't think the target market for Subarus (other than the Outback maybe) is people that age.

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