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Looking for Spring Size Info


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I tried searching but came up empty. I'm trying to find the size of the actual aftermarket springs compared to the stock springs. Does anyone know the size of the springs listed below? Correct me if I am wrong but does the size of the spring and the compression determine the drop?


Front and Rear

1 - Stock

2 - iONS

3 - Swifts

4 - Tein S

5 - Tein H

6 - Pink SpecB

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bluechipbmw - by "size" are you referring to the diameter of the coil being wound, or height? There's actually several different parameters which together determine the "drop"


I believe I am looking for the height. I have heard of people say some springs are the same height as stock but stiffer. I am assuming they are referring to when they are side by side of each other. So I am thinking height.

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