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Roof Rack Legacy Brighton 2000

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Hi there:

I am trying to find an aftermarket roof rack for my Brighton wagon 2000. I have been told the Yakima Q-tower should work. Does anyone have any experience with that one? I need it to be sturdy enough to carry up to 150-165 lb. Installing Subaru rails and cross bar seems to become way too expensive. Any suggestions?


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Two mountain bikes and two racing kayaks adds up to 120 lb and I want to have some safety margin. I have come across brands that rate their racks (including my old Thule) for up to 165 lb.


Thule does not seem to have a model that fits the 2000-> models without Subaru factory rails. Subaru Canada quoted me $1800 for just the rails plus installation plus the crossbars. I should have spent the $2500 and bought an L or Outback had i known it would be this complicated and expensive.


I have emailed Thule both in Canada and in Sweden to get their opinion.




Oh man what do you want to cary thats that heavy? Look at Thule racks too and try to contract the companies. You also have to look at what your roof is rated for also. Most vehicles arent rated more than 100lbs
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Holy crap thats ludicrously expensive! Best of luck (I just checked for you too and you're right there is nothin out there) I hope you find some answers.


If Thule does recommend their 400xt Aero Foot Pack | LB50 Load Bars | 233 Fit Kit then I can attest its pretty good. I have it on my rig and am planning on hauling a kayak this summer on the other side of the box with their mounting system



JDM'd All to hell


Thanks Jimmy @ Hkc-Speed.com!

RIP Coxx & Thanks

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Love Vermont -- hope to take in a play at East Dorset this summer and jump into the quarry.

I love your RIG ... YIKES what a set of spots (love 'em too)

I have an old Thule, but if I buy a 2.5i, I'll check out your gear.



What tires you using in the winter ?

What sort of mileage are you getting on a set of tires?

Have you had any BIG non-warranty repair costs?

What kayak will you be hauling?

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