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2006 Tokyo Auto Salon Video Footage Part 1

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With DCCD, the S203, S204, and any WRX STI so equipped can be set to bias 100% to the rear. Perhaps the S202, as well. I am not sure how long DCCD has beein included on the JDM STI cars...


I have heard a few years ago of someone using a different trans, or sealing the front half-shaft outputs, or something, and converting an impreza-bodied race car as fully RWD, and IIRC, it took a little doing to make it work.

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actually its quite simple and the part is made by an aftermarket company which is why the Impreza is becoming a more frequent sight in the drift circuit. there have been several articles about this piece in super sport mag.


either way the s204 is sick and we need it here in the us

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