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Long drive back?


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Never take personal cars on long trips...Corporate rate for a Grand Marquis 209wk unlimited miles:)

**the landbarge is a great long distance cruiser.....80mph cruise 28mpg!

If it breaks down they bring me another one...And I continue on with the trip...no delays...or unexpected stay-overs.

Not to mention racking up the miles on your own vehicles:(

Toyota 6EATS .........SUCK!!!!!!
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I'm guessing SKY's question refers to picking up and driving a BRAND-NEW car from an out of state dealer back home. Personally I'm considering doing the same thing (6hr drive from Rochester to NYC).


The main points to remember while driving a brand-new engine is to fluctuate the rpms periodically, ie. no cruise control, steady rpms etc.. Obviously don't push the go pedal too hard initially also since the entire drivetrain is new.


Essentially, NO hard take-offs, downshifts for acceleration, steady rpms, hard braking is what comes to mind when driving a new car for the first few hundred miles.

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i drove a couple hundred miles shortly after gettign my car



all you gotta do is shift between 4th and 5th occasionally while on the highway and fluctuate your speed alot bounce between 65 and 75


you really only have to do this for the first 100-200 miles of the engine then the main break in rule of stay under 4000rpm takes over


some people will say this is total BS too and you should go WOT right off the dealer lot

(Updated 8/22/17)

2005 Outback FMT

Running on Electrons

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To each their own as mwiener says. I drove from Bend, OR back to Seattle, WA when I got my car brand new. That's about 300+ miles. I varied it a bit and I have 15k on my '05 now. Not a single problem with it!
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it's not a big deal, just fluxuate the throttle and dont go past 3000 rpms, and you'll be fine.. it's only the first 1000 miles anyways.. after that you can just do whatever you want to the motor..


I autocrossed the GT with only 650 miles on the clock.

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The first thing I did after I drove off the dealer lot was to go bed in the brakes. Dealer thought I was crazy but I can tell you I've had zero problems with the brakes and they work great 22,000 miles later. I picked up the car about 100 miles from my home and so I had a nice mix of freeway and stop and go along the way. Just vary your speed and keep it below 4,000 rpms, you'll be good to go.



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