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My Legacy died a violent death today

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I took it for service at Subaru last weekend. This weekend, I drove it up to Ct and back - no problems.

Today - she dies. No warning, well other that the violent seizure.

Any oil left in the pan? Any signs of leaking from the drain plug or filter? Oil pressure warning light come on beforehand?


People swear they will never take their car to a quick oil change place and opt for the supposedly superior Dealer Service Department but from what I've at seen at dealerships they typically don't have their better mechanics wasting their time doing oil changes.


At least if it was due to oil starvation then Subaru can't give you the runaround and try to tell you to take your "issue" up with whoever did the oil change since it was Subaru themselves.


Royal PITA but at least it should be a pretty straightforward warranty claim .

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