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Why does the 3.0 have a higher rev limit than the 2.5T?

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I'm driving an '06 Outback LL Bean loaner today with the 3.0. Why does it have a higher rev limit of 7000rpm compared to the 2.5 turbo engine? Just curious. It's got more metal flying around in there.



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The rev limit on the 2.5 is there mostly due to the turbo... like stated above, it doesn't make much up there. However, the EJ25 long block is exactly the same as the one in the STi... whose revlimit is 7,000rpm.


There are users here, like BOXRPWR, who have a revlimit of 7,500. There are STi owners spinning their EJ25s beyond 7,500 with GT35s and what not... frankly, I don't think its healthy. There's just too much stroke for such a high rev limit.

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