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Sealing Painted Rims?

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My new painted rota's arrive this week, and I was thinking of applying the wolfgang paint sealer to the rims before I have tires mounted.


Anyone else used similar product(s) on painted rims with any success? Comments, suggestions?

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I have used something called Rejex on mine. It seems to last a lot longer(about 3 months) on the wheels than Wolfgang. (1 month on wheels, about 2 on paint) It is a sealant like Wolfgang and requires the same curing period. I wouldn't do it on paint though just because I like Wolfgang SOOOO much!



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I've used sealants on wheels several times. While it makes them look great for a few weeks, I haven't ever used anything that will repel dust or make them easier to clean beyond about 2 months. I've used wheel waxes specifically designed for wheels and those are no different. They look great while the sealant is fresh, but the heat and elements down there will cause the sealant to wear down much sooner than it would on your paint which isn't constantly covered in hot brake dust. It is a good idea and it helps, just don't expect to never have to clean your wheels again. Nothing lasts forever in those conditions.


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