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critique my mod plan.


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I'm finding that I wish my LGT handled more like my '98 A4 1.8TQ with sport suspension. So, I'm thinking of doing one of the following.


- JDM B-spec springs and struts plus the JDM rear sway. A friend is going to Japan and can probably pick these up for me. Is that worthwhile?


- Ion spring, stock struts and JDM rear sway.


I don't want to lower the car much though a little is ok. I'd also like to keep my wife from complaining and refusing to let my 8mo old daughter ride in the car. So it has to ride ok.


In addition, I'm going to do braided brake lines and new front pads. I'd like to upgrade the calipers but that's a bit too spendy for me right now.


So, any thoughts on the above?

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The JDM strut/spring combo will need the JDM front strut top mounts as well, so that is going to be more money than just STi,ION, Swift, or some other spring replacement.

The JDM stuff will cost twice or more what the aftermarket springs will,(if money is a concern) and will probably not change the ride height, whereas the aftermarket springs will lower the car an inch, roughly.


It's all a matter of choice as to what you want from the car



I have H&R springs on my Legacy(which I'm happy with)with RE070 225/45/17 tires now, and soon to go with Prodrive PFF7 wheels in 18x8 with Toyo T1S in 225/40/18


I have not tried any other suspension mods other than that yet, but would like to afford the Bilsteins some time(with the H&R springs)

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Go with a set of Ion's or Pinks...both with lower the car about 1.25-1.5" it really makes a difference.

Get F & R sways

SS. Brake lines....you will likie;)

Geat F & R pads...it's worth it;)


The handling will be just as good if not better than the A4 Sport. The steering on our cars will never match that of Audi:(

You can always purchase struts afterword...try springs first;)

Since you have the wagon purchase a Rear strut brace also. Do not worry about the front, it's not needed.

If you are after better handling get a new set of tires also:)

Toyota 6EATS .........SUCK!!!!!!
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no, she's rear facing. You really think it'll matter that much? A friend has an 8mo old who rides in the back of an STI.

I don't remember how tender they are at 8 mos. Still, a Spec B on pinks suspension might be a little harsh for a young one. Maybe you should see if your friend can get you a Bilstein GT takeoffs, try that for a while, then decide from there whether you want to add the pinks.

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Oops, my son's not quite 5 month old yet, and I'm on iONs. Although we don't use my Legacy to transport him that often, I feel that the iON's 90% of the stock ride is okay... perhaps that's because I live in SoCal!? If it's a concern, I'd just go slower on rough roads and speed bumps...!?:icon_tong
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That looks NICE, Legacy 05!!! I wished that I had budget for new wheels too!:)

I LOVE the iON springs. It rides better than I expected (progressive rate), and more sporty than I expected! Two thumbs way up!:icon_tong Upon initial install, the ride was noticeable stiffer, especially over speed bumps (not a problem for me, but I was worry about my wife complaining). But after almost 2 weeks, the ride got a lot better! Still stiffer than stock, but not much... And they lower the car just right! (approx. 1.2" in front, 1" back) I'm not a fan of lowering cars (scratching my front), but I must say that I have no problems on scractching when going over speed bumps and driveways... In fact, my mom's stock height G35 gets scratched more easily!


I had similar choices, and I haven't tried the Spec-B springs & struts, but I must say that I have no regrets on getting the iONs! As a matter of fact, I think the iON springs with stock struts really brings out the sportiness in the LGT! They match perfectly! (well, maybe some more aggressive damper would be even nicer, but more $$$)

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