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This is cool. I've been researching building a car PC.Connect this to a Dell d600 mounted under the passenger seat or a car computer http://www.mp3car.com/store/index.php?cPath=35&osCsid=13b61e9909b78b6969b5ef9f55346f91and you have a complete PC for the car. While you guys are right about the head unit I think this is about more than just music. I'd like to connect an OBD2 cable from the car to computer and use the pc to display diagnostics like Boost, Temps, etc. I have found several free ware programs that do it. GPS receivers are cheap and there is freeware available that is way beyond any stock GPS unit that can be run on a PC. Combined with a clean sweep, you can have the computer input to the car audio and run Winamp for the 30 gig of music you may have. IMHO there are a lot of possibilities.
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