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First run in with msp 6


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Was out on saturday night looking for some people to play at the local car spot, and i kept seeing a masdaspeed 6 going the other way. I figured he was passing through the first time until i kept seeing him. eventually i caught up to him about 10 minutes after and i saw it was a dealer car. dealer plates and a bumper sticker that said race on over to ( i hate the dealer) mazda.no free publicity for them from me. So i finally got next him at a low speed and got a couple good runs and he seamed like a good driver but the same outcome every time. 1st gear put his front bumper at the back door second put him behind my car and steady pull the whole time. they did seam to have a lot of power in the lower gears like the legacy. Just not to impressed with the 274 or whatever hp rating they have. especially for a car that is always front wheel drive until slipping occurs for that reason and the higher numbers they should still be out of 14's for a stock car. i also ran an srt-10 ram from the top of second he pulled steady. but from about 5mph i had him the whole time til bout 90. By the way my car has intake header,up, stromung cat back. stage 0 stock boost.
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