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98 Legacy GT Dashboard Lights (Heater Cluster)

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Are there any lights for the center section of the 98 Legacy GT dashboard - where the emergency flasher and heater controls are? I SWEAR I remember them, although the dealer said that there are none. It's awfully difficult adjusting the heat at night! Part of the confusion arises from the fact that a friend had a 95 Maxima with a virtually IDENTICAL heater/air-conditioner cluster (only with lights).

If there were lights (or a master fuse controlling all the lights for the heater cluster and the emergency flasher button, none of which are illuminated), how do I bring back the light?



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Ha I just did this myself, there are lights in the instruments themselves. I will post up a how to on this tomorrow because I have had a bit to much of the Vino tonight, its not that hard and I'll pm you when I have it wrote up

JDM'd All to hell


Thanks Jimmy @ Hkc-Speed.com!

RIP Coxx & Thanks

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