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hit & run: any info on 02-05 blue subaru impreza wagon WRX, hacienda heights/industry


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02-05 WRB (blue) impreza wagon, maybe bugeye (piece of sidemarker was recovered, but i don't know for sure) ,WRX. tinted windows. aftermarket wheels. gauges on the dash, perhaps a GPS Unit.

driver is a white or hispanic male, 20-30, dark hair, wearing eye-glasses.

he may be from the hacienda heights, industry, rowland heights, la puente, covina/west covina, walnut or azusa areas.


the wagon has major damage to the drivers sidebumper,fender, the hood is pushed up, possibly doors, and/or rear quarter panels. the trunk may have also been damaged. there may be black paint markings on the wagon.


the wagon was involved in an hit & run accident at approx 1230am, 01/19/06 thurs, near the intersection of stafford & hacienda, northbound, in the city of hacienda heights/industry. the wagon immediately pulled into a bank of america parking lot after the accident, and then fled the scene, heading northbound on hacienda blvd.


the car the wagon hit is totalled. it is a black nissan skyline (r32).


any help would be appreciated, if you see or hear anything about a wagon on the street, for body repair, anything. please PM , or

email gorecki.5 at gmail.com. , the industry sherfifs station or RB MOTORING (626) 961-9213 . thank you





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That f$cker hit a Skyline(R33 ?). The bastard should be skinned alive.


Post on www.nasioc.com if you haven't already.


thank you, there is already a lengthy discussion on nasioc. i am trying to spread as much word as possible to hopefully see if anybody sees the wagon. any help would be appreciated!!!!


it is a nissan skyline GT-R (R32)

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