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Road and Track gives nod to MS6 over LGT Spec B

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I dont know if this is a repost, but Road and Track Speed magazine had a comparo between an Audi A4 2.0T, Mazdaspeed 6 and a Legacy GT Spec-B. Similar to motor trend's test, but this time the winner was the MS6.


Road and Track used a point system for the comparison. I forgot what the A4 got as far as points go (it was fairly low), but I believe the spec B got a 169 and the MS6 got 170. One editor picked the MS6 and the other picked the LGT.

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it does sound like a draw and it was close, but they were going on a points system and the MS6 clearly had "1st place" written next to it while the LGT had a big 2nd.


When i said each editor picked one, it was one of those article insert bits that are in a small box off to the side, not really part of the article itself. It has a picture of the eidtor and their name and what they would pick and why.


for the pros and cons, the LGT didnt seem like it had anything against it, while the MS6 got a few negative points. I didnt really like the article because it used only technical data to score the cars. There wasnt any scores about driving feel, or looks as far as i saw.

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