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we need a MA Garage Day!!!


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I have some stuff waiting to be installed such as:

-Front shifter bushings

-Sti trans mount

-Digital Boost Guage and single pod

-AVO cubby to single din replacment

Things i will prolly have by then

-Sti up pipe or (nice one if i have money:icon_tong)

-clear headlights and install angel eyes


I dont feel comfortable doing these things myself and i cant afford to pay a shop when i got all these great helpfull MA people around :icon_bigg

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Im definately down, I wana meet some of the other Legacy guys. I think installs while battling the bitter cold just adds to the excitement :icon_bigg .You feel like your the McGuyver of car modding.




McGuyver of car mods was excellent!!!!


Flavio Zanetti

Boston, MA

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