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Some recently completed mods


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Had some ext. mods done over the last month....


Painted the calipers.. used newspaper + a brush to rough it up


Removed the STi logos off the wheels and applied to the driver and passenger side


Cherry blossom red L7 overlay on the rear... I don't care what you think..it is a PITA


Installed the eyelines..thanks to scans007 for the tips..silicone rocks


Fixed the large gappage in the DIY grille w/ a piece of wood lodged under the bumper top






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Where can I get these eyelids at a "reasonable" price? I've seen them going for like $250. That's just insane for plastic that is taped/glued to a light. I had gotten them for my wifes Cabrio a few years back and they were like $50 factory painted colors and everything. I can't see $250 on that. Anyone see them cheaper?
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