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Road Trip - Track Day?


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I know COBB is going to be doing a facility tour and track day at the new Miller Motorsports track in UTAH. Its going to be over Memorial day weekend and I thought it would be fun to get some Legacies to show up. It'd be a hell of a road trip from STL but I could do it.


Also, I know that redline/modified magazine are having their time attack event for the midwest at Mid-Ohio race track in March. I did the 3-day driving school at Mid-Ohio and it is a great track.


I know I'd like to do one of the two. I'd be last at the time attack but it would be great to see all the really well prepared cars and a track that I have run before.


I'm just floating the idea out there but is anyone interested in either event as a greater Legacy meet - even if we all do not participate in the track event??



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