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SUV/Wagon and Roadster on a budget - suggestions

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Even though the work day has barely started, I already know it is going to be bad, so I figured I would get the day-dreaming out of the way first.


In probably 3 years, my wife will need a new car that is more family friendly (currently has a 2002 V6 Mustang). I also have a 2002 Ranger. I am thinking of trading/selling both at that time and getting just an SUV/Wagon to fill family friendly and replace truck duties. This consoldates space in the garage and makes it so I only need to have insurance on 1 car instead of 2, plus I hardly ever drive the truck and never seem to be driving it when I need it.


My wife does like to drive her Mustang, she loves the way it looks and really wants a Roadster (Z3/Z4 to be precise, but any of the small 2-seat roadsters are pretty close). So by getting the SUV/Wagon she needs to give up her Mustang that she loves and will have to drive something with 4 doors and doesn't look sporty at all.


So I figure there are a few options here. The best option I can think of is:

Get a 2009/2010 Legacy/Outback (or equivalent) new when the time comes ~$30k (figure price will go up in a few years) and then buy a 2001-2002 Porsche Boxster or Z3 (1998s non-S boxsters are going for under $20k now, so in 3 years I figure a 2001 non-S would be about the same). That is the best case.


Middle case would be buying a non-turbo Subie wagon (or equivalent SUV like a 2WD Nissan Xterra) and an older Miata.


Any other suggestions? This is just a daydream/brain teaser so have fun. Figure upper limit of $50k total and lower limit of $20k total, with family car needing excellent reliablity and probably being new.

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