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radiator on ebay


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I bought the 1997 Legacy GT and now I need a radiator, a new one is $229 from AutoZone or I could get this one from ebay:



I dont have the car in my possession right now to measure the radiator but I need to know if this is the correct size for my application.

can someone help/respond ASAP as the bid closes in less than an hour!!

thanks very much in advance!!

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If you were looking for a radiator for a 4EAT (automatic tranny) LGT, then this appears to be the radiator for your car. However, if you're looking for a 5MT LGT, then you won't need the tranny cooler for the auto tranny (left side of the radiator - two protruding connectors). There is a MT and 4EAT specific radiator for this model.



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