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For those with remote starters...

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One of the things I hated with the starter on my old car was if I got in to my car mindlessly I would go through my regular routine and crank the engine when I already started the car with the remote. Anyone done this on their legacy? Is there a failsafe that allows the starter to not crank if the engine is running? I've never done it on my Legacy yet since I don't have a remote starter but I am thinking of getting one. I remember cringing everytime I did that in my old car.
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Installed a few remote starters...


Any remote starter worth its salt can be made to have a "failsafe"


All you need is a 25a relay with the starter wire connected across the normally closed contacts. The remote starter should have an "I'm started" accessory power output, which then can be used to "deactivate" the relay when the engine is running.


Voila, try as you might, you won't be able to inadvertantly mash the starter into the already turning flywheel. I cringe at the thought of how much $ a dual mass Subie flywheel costs...



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