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New 2006 outback 2.5i with VDC

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Must be a Sweden only option, the only VDC model here is the range topping H6 3.0R VDC


Once again us North American folk get stiffed


We often enjoy getting stiffed...:icon_surp


The H6 3.0 is the only one with VDC here too.


I was hoping to get it on my GT.:confused: I got stiffed instead.:icon_lol:

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I don't mean that it's necessary, but the other cars in its class that it competes against quite often come with it. Hell I drove a basic Mazda 6 and a Chevy Malibu recently and they both had it and probably cost considerably less than my legacy.


Merely for Subaru to remain competitive they should consider making it standard (ok or a reasonably priced option) on the limited models.

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Ahh you're right I completely forgot VDC is a different beasty than traction control. My head isn't quite screwed on right now having been sick the past few days.


It should still be an option, the XT/GT limiteds are their flagship performance models.


I have no problems with not having HIDs as they offer no important benefits over good projectors.

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