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Big Northeast GTG coming on 1/15/06!! (Details inside)


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Don't live over there but a good friend of mine does who pointed this GTG out.


Just wanted to pass along the details to anyone interested.


Link: http://www.iwsti.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39595


Info: To all you New Jersians. Huge car meet at the Freehold Raceway Mall. Not only subies going but also many other car clubs.


Heres all the info (taken from NASIOC).

Place- Freehold Raceway Mall, LORD and Talyors lot. (not the usually food court)

Time- 730 pm til wenever

Activities- food at nerby location, pics, cruise, chillin

Info- ok so to start of the new year my buddies on 240sx.org and hondatech.com and theVboard.com are getting a big meet at the freehold mall. there are bout 30+ ppl going. the mall closes at 630 so the lot will be ours and the secuirty wont bother us as long as we dont do anthing stupid, so we can take the lot up. we plan on meeting up and going for a huge cruise with pics during and after, and possible a food stop. as anyone who knows the freehold meets are always worth going to and this time there will be a variety of cars going.



nasioc, clubwrx, IWSTi (soon to be LegacyGT.com members if you guys are inclined)

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