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Tire Tote


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Not bad.


I use DIMPAs. It's a nylon storage type zipper bag. Not sure if they're specifically for tires/wheels but that's what I use them for. =). I get them from IKEA. Last time I was there, 1 dimpa was going for a wallet smashing 5$ (4.99). They're usually found in the 'bulk'/'misc' section ...around where you get those 500pk of round candles and misc bags and whatnot.


They'll fit 18x8 wheels+tires. I don't have anything wider or taller sorry.


Just keeping you in the know.

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Guest *Jedimaster*
With the wheels and tires, I'd think they'd be heavy. Aren't 18 inchers known to be haevy? (no comments on that one :D ).
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