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So I can't have a Manual GT wagon....


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I've been on this board for about a year and a half, maybe a little longer, I think I'm like member number 300, and I don't even have a current legacy, yet.


What I really want is a Silver Manual GT wagon, but alas, Subaru has seen fit to dash my hopes.


Not to be overcome by their short sightedness, I came up with a scenario that kind of intrigues me. What if I was to buy an ugly new outback with the silver/battleship gray color combination and have the lower portions repainted? Then, get Pinks/Bilsteins, change the wheels to be a grey BBS RX like the ones on the legacy at the top of this page. I guess then I would only need to change the brakes, and voila, one mean looking buffed up GT/XT frankenstein!


Anyone have an idea of what this would all cost, or if there would be some glaring reason not to do it?

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You can add up the cost of the parts from the usual sources, and obviously wheels/tires are whatever your taste and pocketbook wants. It would probably be a couple of thousand at least ($1K suspension, $1K wheels/tires). I would guesstimate another $1K for a good repaint of the lower portions.


If something were to happen to my 5MT LTD wagon, doing the same to an Outback is an option (along with taking another look at a Forester). Only downside for me, from a performance perspective, is that the Outback is heavier. The Forester is lighter, but I'm not sure the interior space would work as well.

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Doesn't the outback have a shorter final drive ratio than the legacy to compensate for the weight?


C'mon Jedi, you should see the rest of the vehicles I've built for my company. The reason I've not done this yet is because my other work vehicles come first, and I just bought another:




I've been impressed with the look of the other outbacks on the board that have been modestly lowered and had the wheels replaced.

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