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Carbon Ceramic Big 6 pot front brake kit + 2 pot STI rear on Legacy B14

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Hi all,

I usually post in fifth generation Legacy space, but think it might be interestign for bigger audience to know about carbon ceramic brakes for our Subarus.  I am a big fan of Subaru and have Subaru Legacy Wagon B14 (fifth generation) with turbo-diesel engine and live in Europe. My car had stock brakes with 275mm brake front brake rotors and I upgraded front brakes immediately to 315mm brake kit (rotors + calipers), which gives nearly same performance as Brembo 4 pot gold (up to 2007) / black (from 2007) calipers due to larger brake rotor size.

My friend is the co-owner of one of the well known engineering companies on this part of the globe (they do custom brakes) and was put on the challenge for brake kit upgrade. As all subaru's have pretty known BBK setups, like brembo gold and more advanced options with bigger Porsche 6 pot calipers - we had to do something unique with maximum performance. 

All started from 3d wheel scanning for me. I have around 10 sets of various wheels in my garage for my cars and all these are pretty rare. My current summer setup is R18 BBS from S401 and R17 BBS RV772 (from JDM Forester STI) for winter. So, we had to make sure that anything they design fits my wheels. They started to work on it before my involvement and took R17 Enkei PF01 wheels as reference. 

I did 3d scanning of my summer wheels during winter with no stress.

3D scanner:


Scanning process:spacer.png

My S401 wheels transferred into 3d model:


Additionally, i scanned also my other R18 Enkei Tuned by STI wheels, as i also like it a lot:


These scans were useful to be sure in fitment to ensure success.

Then it took some time for them to complete their design works and produce parts needed for installation you can see their masterpiece on this image:


It has 6 pot Akebono calipers, 2-piece carbon ceramic brake rotors with custom hats (to ensure fitment for both PCD 5x114.3 and 5x100) 355 mm in size, custom steel brackets and steel brake lines.

All parts look awesome. I gave them idea of decals i want and the color of the calipers and was impressed how fast it was done. 


Calipers are also insane from inner side of it including nice painting works - just look at the pic:


Carbon ceramic rotors are also very amazing:


Despite the huge size - brake rotor weight is only 5.3kg:


And here's comparison of 275 vs 315 our stock steel rotors:


And compared with this one, that 315mm rotor looks like a part from a scale model:


I couldn't swap the brakes myself as don't have tools for brake lines replacement and decided to make a preliminary fitment on my car before signing up for a swap in garage. I stripped the hub:


And made some dust cover modifications - need to cut small pieces from top and bottom side of it near the caliper mounting bracket to install the one i got:


Then it was the easiest part to fit everything else:


The gap between the wheel and the caliper is just a couple of mm:



And it's how it looks with wheel on:


I decided to order spacers to increase the gap between the wheel and caliper, as I'm afraid to damage the painting when during wheels replacement process. Otherwise I am ready for proper installation. The front kit should fit also other Subaru models, as we have very similar hubs on all models. The only open question is for wheels - R18 should fit most, the gap between spokes and the caliper can be managed by wheel spacers.

As for the rear brake kit - it will be 2pot WRX STI (2007) brake calipers with steel rotors - it should be bolt on for me. I have purchased everything for the rear brake kit and will install once calipers are painted. I will make a post here about installation process.

I will also add my driving experience with the front carbon kit here as well. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. Thanks.



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Thanks for the insight on the development of these.

I do particularly like that the calipers have dust seals, unlike a lot of the BBK's out.  

How is the bias compared to stock and STI Brembos? 

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