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Cusco Suspension parts--interest in group buy?


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Hello, here is the parts that are now available from cusco to purchase specifically for the Legacy GT. If there is enough interest, i can try to get some decent prices for a group buy. Kindly respond to this post and let me know what you would be interested in. Thank you


Peter Sz



Description MSRP

Radiator cooling plate,BP9,Legacy-GT 112.00

Sway bar,front,23mm,BP9,Legacy-GT 220.00

Sway bar,rear,21mm,BP9,Legacy-GT 170.00

Lower arm bar,ver.II,front,BP9,Legacy-GT 170.00

Lower arm bar,ver.II,rear,BP9,Legacy-GT 170.00

Strut bar,OS,front,BP9,Legacy-GT 168.00

Strut bar,OS,rear,BP9,Legacy-GT 168.00

Zero-Wagon,BP9.Legacy-GT 1,550.00

Coilovers,ZERO-2,Normal upper,BP9,Legacy-GT 2,050.00

Hello Everyone,


Thank you for waiting Here is the group buy details:


1. We can only sell prouducts in sets, so front and rear

2. Shipping changes will be calculated during check out

3. We must have all orders in by the end of day Thursday, 19th

4. We will charge a deposit of 25% until we ship the product.

5. Group buy is only valid if we sell a certain number of sets (this is listed below)

6. please place orders at this link: http://www.pltek.net/catalog/index.p...h=1106_21_1120


So the prices are as follows:


21mm rear sway, 23mm front sway, LIST 390, GB 349

Front and Rear Strut Tower Bars, LIST 340, GB 299

Lower Arm Bars Verson II, LIST 340, GB 299


If you purchase a combination of 2 sets, you will get additional $10 off the total.

If you purchase a combination of 3 sets, you will get additional $20 off the total.


If you are only purchasing one set just add it to cart and check out,

If you are purchasing two or three sets, sways and something else, add sways in first and specify YES on the other set(s) add them to cart as well. That will ensure that correct shipping is calculated.

If you are purchasing two sets, NO sways, add either set first, specify YES on the second set and then add the second set to cart as well. Again, this is to ensure that correct shipping is calculated.



So for example of you purchase all 3 items, the total will be:


swaybars 349

strut tower bars 289

lower arm bars 289

total 927

list price 1070

savings 143

or 13.4%


It took so long because the margin on Cusco product purchased in USA is very low. We are doing the best we can with the prices based on the quantities we need to purchase.


I hope that you will take advantage of this deal.


There will be a lot of repackaging and reshipping going on but I want to help my fellow SUBIE enthusiasts.


Here is what we are looking for commitment to offer you these prices, thats what we will be required to purchase which will pretty much wipe out US supply of these products until APRIL:


swabars front, 20

swaybars rear, 20

lower arm bar front, 10

lower arm bar rear, 10

strut tower bar front, 5

strut tower bar rear, 5


Best Regards


Peter Sz



tel. 508.615.6604

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I would like the front and rear lower arm bars for sure, if the price is right:icon_bigg . Maybe the front and rear rear sway bar. But the price seem alittle high.
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i am just gauging interest so i can commit to a certain $$$ buyin where i can realize a nice dicount and pass it onto you guys.


Gruppe-s sells everything cheap and probably barely makes any $. I am not sure how they survive? My overhead is very low and I can barely comepete with them, not always. Hmmmmm????


I will do my best to get you hooked up, just keep the replies coming. Over next couple of weeks, i get a good idea and propose a buyin and see what discount I will get. Then I will be looking for solid commitments.


Thanks everyone.


P.S The prices listed are LIST prices and not what the products will sell for :)

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i am working right now on getting a best possible discount but it might be tough beating somebody who brings these in "grey" market straight from Japan and sells these for next to nothing


PLtek,llc will guarantee ours coming from Legitimate Cusco distribution channel


Some pricing coming up in first week of January




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