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Outback Shocks / ADJ?


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Are there any adj shocks (struts) for thew 05' / 06' Outback? I'd like to dial in a bit more firmness for the day to day driving.


Maybe even a coilover to be able to fiddle a bit with the ride height.


I want to stay mostly stock with a height change up for when I'm at the beach for two weeks driving on the soft sand...


Thanks, Rick

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Not much in the way of Outback-specific stuff out there. Seems the idea is to use Legacy (aftermarket, of course) adjustable coilovers cranked up as high as they can go. Which will still probably lower it a bit, and may be incompatible with the occasional rough-road or intentional off-road excursion.


I'm looking into a mild rear sway bar upgrade (17mm OEM GT, or 18mm Cusco), & stiff end links. And figure out how to get some camber.


Suggest asking over at outback.org.

06LOB2.5i MT, JDMRSB, GYTTs, HPS, LGT Mufflers & Leather Wheel, SubiMomo Knob, Inalfa Moonroof, Clutch Switch Bypass, DeDRLd, DeChimed, & Straight Headrest.
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