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Questions about converting an Outback to look more like a Legacy wagon

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Hey so, I just picked up an 07 Outback a few weeks ago. I'm interested in changing the ride height and overall aesthetic to be more Legacy-esque. I'm assuming outside of swapping out the shocks, struts, and springs, the front and rear fenders and the side flares over the wheels need to go as well? I figure once I remove the side flares, there will be holes that need to be filled in, where they clip into place, correct? And to be sure, the Legacy suspension parts are actually compatible with the Outback right? (That's what I've gathered after reading up on various forums before creating this account)

I'm also attaching a picture of my car, and a picture of a Legacy wagon to give an idea of what I wanna go for.

Also, I do like the taillights of the Legacy in this pic much more than my Outback, so I plan on getting those at some point too.



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Legacy strut assemblies, sway bars, and suspension arms are compatible. Most chassis bracing is NOT compatible unless you remove the subframe spacers only found on the Outback.

The taillights identified above are from all the foreign markets (JDM/EDM/AUDM). 

In order to achieve the Legacy aesthetic with your Outback, both bumpers, grille, hood, fenders, quarter panels, sideskirts, the piece between the skirt and the quarter panel, doors, roof rails, and exhaust would all need to be changed for their Legacy counterparts.  

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