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I'd settle for a ride in one!?

I mean, awesome, yes, and a peice of Subaru history, but $120++ K. I think that would close my mortgage and let me take a week of holiday for the first time in like.... 4 years. Hah!

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If I had stupid money, this would be mine.

But I don't have stupid money, just stupid decisions (moved too often, bought/didn't buy, etc) so I don't have that kind of money.

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I'm with ya. I've got a garage full of poor decisions. But, on the other hand, if you put all your money away for 'retirement', whatever that means, you don't get to have any fun while you're working, so...

I would  100% spend stupid money of a bugeye Sti wagon if I a) had stupid money or b) ever came across one in this kind of shape.

I bought my GT in lieu of finding a Bugeye WRX that was clean(ish) and within my budget. No regrets about that particular decision, but a bugeye wagon in WRB is the best looking car subaru has ever made, to my tastes.

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