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Aftermarket stock wheel suppliers


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My 05 OEM wheels are getting ratty and would like to replace them with the same OEM style. I found (4) outfits online selling new OEM replacements:

Wheelership, Auto Rim shop, Factory Wheel Replacement, and Factory Wheel Warehouse.

Anyone bought wheels from any of these outfits and can comment on the quality?

Any other places I may have missed?

Thanks for any help you can give!

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I haven't used any of the sites you mentioned, but I checked all of them and if I were to go with any of them, it would be wheelership or factory wheel replacement, they seem decent and trustworthy enough, though it may be worth contacting them beforehand to confirm their availability. you should keep in mind that these sites are selling replicas of the oem wheels, so they're not necessarily the exact same as the oems, tho they probably are pretty close, and are likely the best option for buying brand new oem style wheels.

personally what I would do in your situation is to scour local craigslist/fb marketplace ads to see if there are any decent used sets for sale. you could also try ebay if you find a listing trustworthy enough. that way you're getting real oem wheels, but at the cost of the unknowns that come with buying used wheels. I would suggest to not buy any wheels that have been cracked or bent then repaired as their structure is likely compromised and not necessarily what you would want to replace your current wheels. however, if you find a decent set locally then you're probably going to save money compared to the other options.

or you could do what my crazy ass did and order a used set from japan from a used parts site like croooober or auction agent like buyee or jauce. if you're going to order from japan I would strongly recommend to use whatever option is provided to remove tires off rims if they already have tires mounted, since shipping costs become insane with tires mounted on rims. I recently ordered a set of enkeis from croooober, and while I'm still waiting on them to arrive (which is going to take a while with ocean shipping and me being on the east coast), I trust them as they were responsive in their communications to me. with overseas used parts sites, always read descriptions and compare them to the posted pictures carefully. sometimes they overstate damage, sometimes they understate. it's hard to take any precautions without seeing the wheels in person, so this option may not be for you if you're not willing to take a risk.

I'll finish this off by saying that you should always do your own research and come to your own conclusions. this is just my 2 cents on your situation, and like all things on the internet, take it with a grain of salt. happy shopping :) 

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