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I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about the factory HK sub coming from the rear inside quarter panel? I’m pretty sure the one I have is from an ‘09 Outback.
I’m trying to fit it into my 05 legacy GT wagon. While I’m bench testing it out, to figure out polarity, I’m curious if anyone knows of any schematics, how it’s wired or the specs? I’ve heard it’s an 8” 2ohm DVC. But I’m not sure how it’s wired in from the factory. Is it wired in parallel or series? Any help would be great before I install it, just so I know. I understand most people probably just replace it with an aftermarket sub, but I’d like to get this up and running, to see how I like it before doing that.


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Can you confirm it is a dual voice coil? Are there four terminals at the back of the sub? If yes, did you use an ohm meter to check the impedance of each coil?

I don't know the answer to your question, but if it is in fact a 2ohm DVC, I would think the factory amp would only be able to handle a 4ohm load (voice coils wired in series), instead of a 1 ohm load (voice coils wired in parallel). I mean, you could always try the latter; if it cannot handle it, the amp would go into protect.

Hope this helps a little.

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Yeah, I would be hooking up an aftermarket amp. An Alpine MRV-M250 Mono amp which handles 4ohm or 2ohm. 
The speaker itself has 4 terminals, with ribbon wiring going across the back of the speaker connecting the terminals. I’m just not sure how it’s all wired together. Or any of the specs. And as long as it’s not wired to go down to 1ohm it should be ok. It looks like I’m getting readings from my multimeter on only two of the wires coming out of the speaker the other 2, nothing. 

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