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Tpms code 61 vehicle speed abnormal

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Hey guys,


I have a weird one. Searched on line for several hours to no avail. Just bought a 2013 Subaru Legacy 2.5i premium the tpms light was one, after replacing two sensors I thought it was off. Now it’s back on but with code 61 “vehicle speed is abnormal”. Note that this is the TPMS code that sets the dash light off. No other vehicle codes. Anyone know where to start? Or have any info on why the TPMS system is monitoring speed?


Facts which may be relevant: It has an aftermarket remote start which starts the car but immediately shuts off. However, the fob portion of the aftermarket remote start works. The OEM fob system does not appear to work. I could not get it to go into programming mode. 


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generally the tpms and keyless are the same module, so it sounds like you fix your keyless issue, you fix your tpms issue. Here are the diagnostic steps for tpms dtc 61. you probably dont have access to an oscilloscope...


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I also spent hours trying to find where the tpms/keyless entry module is for my model. Do you know where I could find it? I don’t have an oscilloscope but I could at least check for broken wires and or a loose connector. Is this something I should just buck up and pay the dealership for? I also saw the term biu and was wondering if there was a way to at least eliminate that module from suspicion. 


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in my experience it's very rare for it to be the wiring.  the module is either under the driver seat, or on the back deck next to the subwoofer.  BIU is Body Integrated Unit, and it's the thing with all the fuses in it in the cabin.

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Part got here early, $24 on eBay, put in it with not trouble. Reprogrammed the tpms sensors. Drove several hundred miles so far with no return of the code 61 abnormal speed. Still cannot access the key fob programming for either the oem or aftermarket remote start. So that must be a separate problem. Thanks for helping me!

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