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How Mods on Mcintosh Video when drive?

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20221217_115507.thumb.jpg.3014f22cc2db65a8c18eb5919766eef7.jpgHow Mods on Mcintosh Video when drive?

2010 GT, Mcintosh radio , video input rca .

when i play video ,and car move, no video play .

Can i mod some wiring or something? how get video screen when drive?


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situation resolved , Works.
behind the radio smaller green connector 6 pin, number 2 which is empty, there is no wire coming from the car, it is fed to the radio with an extra wire - ground.
radio maintenance can check the issue on the screen, the radio thinks the handbrake is connected and the video is shown.
access the service screen, radio OFF, and press the touch screen left, right, left, right, left, right, the top screen opens where you can check the signals.


And... MORE Lights :)   2X 220W ledbar 

20221012_211743 (Medium).jpg

20221017_195100 (Medium).jpg

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