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Leaking hose. Help preeZ

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This is the trans fluid hose going to the filter? Or the one coming off the main lines?

Either way, this is one of those rare instances where running in to your local dealer may be the easiest thing to do… the price markup is probably worth the convenience, and it will be molded correctly.

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Can you specify the year and model?

I am pretty sure all LGT autos had a filter in drivers side fender that had some additional ATF coolant lines running around, but I've never owned one.

Is this by chance a non-turbo car?

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AFAIK there are only 2 available hoses that come up from the trans and go to the ATF cooler in the rad. Someone with an auto car can step in and correct me.



The one you've circled looks to me like the second one, but you'll be able to tell. The difference in length should be a giveaway.

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Yeah. From the diagrams, I can see the lines to the filter look like their up top on the return side of things, so not easily visible from below. Funny, coz I've actually got a friends blown up 5EAT in my driveway now, and I suppose I could have checked that.....

Juust saying, for the low cost of those hoses and the mess your gonna make changing them anyway, might be worth considering just doing both of them at the same time. If one is worn and leaking, the other can't be far behind. Good time for a fluid dump and refill using the trans oil pump as well....

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