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2018 Sport Totaled, Questin on New color and ordering

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I posted the color question in the color forums ut I need all the help I can get.

Our 2018 was rear eneded at a drive thru of all places.  It is totaled. I am having a hard time with all this. Not many Legacy Premiums are coming in. They told me a Silver Ice and mag grey would be in by the 30th.  That works. I picked the ice silver.  Then they said....well It could be a week later.


Anyone have any idea how accuarate they are when ordering these cars? They said the ice one had a VON # but was due this month. The salesman said he'd feel better about the timeline if it had been assigned a VIN number (not VON). Should i be concerned. I am thinking of asking if the Mag Grey has a VIN number and has a better chance of coming in by the end of Jan.

My other topic is one of color.

My first choice was white with a dark interior but none are scheduled to come in. I had a choice of Ice silver, which I had prior or Mag grey. I had negative connotation about the grey color. I THOUGHT it was the dark grey we looked at back when we bought our Black Forester...also in 2018. The black looks good but is a PITA to maintain. It assumed that dark grey would be no better...so when they said Silver or Grey vs I opted for the silver again.

Walking off the lot I saw a Mag grey. It seems lighter in color..than the 2018 dar grey but I am not sure.  I am now questioning changing my color selection from silver to grey. I'd appreciate YOUR real world advice.

1) Does Mag grey color show dirt more than the silver....like the black does. You know what I mean...

2) How dark is the color...on the darker side or lighter side?

3) Is it harder to wax than Silver Ice...swirls etc. I know that is a royal PITA to wax our black forester vs our prior silver Leagcy (RIP).

Any other plusses or minus' would be appreciated.


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What I like probably isn't going to be what you like.  Are they new or used?  I'd take the one with the options I want and service history.

silver will show dirt far less than any color, silver can also hide scratches and swirls better, white is a good one for hiding scratches and swirls but you need to wash it daily.  it would feel like months between washes on my silverthorn metallic impreza.  but my carbide grey legacy can't seem to make it more than a few days.

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